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Community Engagement

Forging strategic partnerships

Fortuna maintains operations near communities in Peru and Mexico. Recognizing their unique culture and needs, we are actively engaged as a strategic partner in these communities. We collaborate with local stakeholders to identify opportunities where we can establish and participate in sustainable community development projects.

The aim is to establish programs based on respect for ethno-cultural diversity, open communication and effective interaction with local stakeholders that improve health, education and infrastructure.

Since 2006, Fortuna has funded various community projects to ameliorate the living conditions of the communities where we operate. These range from genetic improvement of local alpaca herds near our Caylloma mine in Peru, to road construction and school scholarships near our San Jose mine in Mexico.

Fortuna is committed to innovative, sustainable projects and partnerships that build company engagement in local communities while respecting local values, customs and traditions. Additionally, we encourage our employees to become involved in community projects, both because of what they can contribute and because community service is a personally rewarding experience.