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Health & Nutrition

Fortuna directs both financial and human resources to help build healthier and stronger communities. Our work recognizes the importance of health care and nutrition services for the local population, particularly women and children. To improve the well-being of local residents, we engage in a variety of activities either directly or in partnership with others.

Peru: Caylloma mine

Our health and nutrition projects in Peru have benefited over 5,000 local residents of the Caylloma district.

For example, the "Essential Measures for Children" project helped families with children under three years of age and pregnant women to overcome factors that influence and predispose children to chronic malnutrition and anemia. The project provided training in healthy eating habits and "hygiene corners" for schoolchildren in all schools in the district, which benefited over 900 primary education students and pre-school children.

Fortuna also signed the "Inter-institutional Cooperation Agreement" with the Regional Education Management and the Regional Health Management authorities to improve integral care services for the community.

Two important programs within the agreement include:
  1. Improvement of the health center's equipping to benefit women and children;

  2. the implementation of the "Healthy Schools and Family" program.
Other activities included building and operating the Caylloma sanitary landfill, providing thermal clothing to children to combat extreme weather conditions and organizing annual medical check-ups by doctors specializing in cardiology, gynecology, traumatology and pediatrics, amongst others.

Mexico: San Jose mine

In Mexico, we have helped to improve the health and well-being of local residents with programs such as:
  • building and equipping a healthcare center for the community of Cuajilote
  • equipping of healthcare centers in surrounding communities
  • donating medicine and medical services to community members
  • establishing the For a Good Vision campaign directed to the general population, with special care for primary and secondary school children that benefitted over 100 individuals